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Group photo for ViaSun employees

We are viasun

Client focused. Employee-Owned. Purpose Driven.

values we live by


Continuous quest to better ourselves and everyone around us through a mindset of constant improvement.


Being safe and secure in every way & every facet of our lives; physically, financially, mentally.


Achieving the highest standard of health, workmanship, relationships, success, and happiness throughout life.


Doing the right thing when no one is looking; never sacrificing long term goals and values for personal or short-term.


Treating yourself and each other the way you want to be treated; committing to each other’s successes at the highest level.

From our Employee Owners:


Fred Locke

''The Pursuit of Excellence means going above and beyond everyday for our employee-owners, partners, and clients. Never stop learning, mentoring, coaching, or finding innovation in our life.''

Leroy 3 cutout copy 2.png

Leroy Perez

''At ViaSun, Quality means taking our time to do the job right, all while helping others.''

Eric Puebla.png

Eric Garcia

''Safety means ensuring my fellow employee-owners and myself return home to our family every single day.''

Adri 2 cutout copy.png

Adrianna Torres

''ViaSun's Core Values apply to our own life, both personally and at work. I use these core values to do the right thing, give 100%, and be a good partner in all aspects of my life.''

Dedicated to our mission of

Constructing lasting partnerships via employee-ownership, innovation,

& accountability. 

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