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Employee Ownership

At ViaSun, we invest in our people and their careers. By joining our team, you become a voice in the future and success of ViaSun. 

In 2019, ViaSun joined the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). By becoming a 100% employee-owned company, ViaSun created the opportunity for employees to become part of the future of ViaSun while benefiting from company stock options at no cost to them.




Each employee-owner has a say in their future at ViaSun. Over a 10-year period, employee-owned companies have 25% higher job growth than non-ESOP companies (NCEO). Having a voice gives our employee-owners pride in their work.



ESOPs matter the most in times like today. The median tenure for an ESOP participant is 46% greater than a non-employee owner (National Longitudinal Survey Data). Employee-owners are also 4x less likely to be laid off during the recent recession. ESOPs are a place employee-owners want to stay.



Employee-owned companies inspire a culture of ownership and quality. Unlike non-employee-owned companies, ViaSun strives to create a place where employee-owners feel highly motivated, appreciated, and seen, resulting in better quality across the board.

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Did you know ESOP companies have 2.5X greater retirement accounts than non-ESOPs? Being part of an employee-owned company is an opportunity to pursue a path to prosperity and upward mobility. ViaSun supports and encourages growth- a key part of employee-ownership.



People part of employee-owned companies are inspired to work together and problem solve. At ViaSun, we maintain a purpose-driven attitude towards everything and that shows. Our employee-owners have a sense of purpose in what they do, and that directly translates to their hard work.

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Employee-owned companies are set up for a long-term legacy, allowing the business to thrive far beyond the CEO or owner retiring. As a result, employee-owned companies experience fewer changes in annual employment. Lower turnover and increased stability mean more consistency for both clients and employee-owners.

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