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Building Excellence Together: ViaSun's Partnership with Phoenix Sky Harbor

In 2018, ViaSun Corporation embarked on a collaborative journey alongside the City of Phoenix and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PSHIA). Our mission was to contribute to the successful completion of the T3 SE Transition Apron & Taxiway D Reconstruction CMAR project, and the outcomes were a testament to effective teamwork and partnership.

With a budget of $6.3 million, we not only achieved remarkable results but also wrapped up the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

A Partnership for Success: Together with the City of Phoenix, PSHIA, and other key stakeholders, we transformed challenges into opportunities for collaboration. ViaSun partnered with:

Fire + Rescue: Maintaining full access to all airport facilities was a critical aspect of our partnership. ViaSun collaborated closely with the airport's fire and rescue teams to ensure their unrestricted access to facilities and quick response times in case of emergencies during the construction phase. This coordination was pivotal in upholding safety standards and emergency preparedness throughout the project.

Materials Testing + Environmental: Rigorous materials testing and environmental considerations were integral to the success of the project. ViaSun, in partnership with The City of Phoenix and aviation environmental teams, conducted thorough materials testing to guarantee that all materials used met the required standards for durability and safety. Simultaneously, we were committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the project, adhering to sustainability guidelines and best practices.

Coordination with Airside Operations: Seamless coordination with airside operations was paramount to minimize disruptions to airport activities. ViaSun worked in close collaboration with airside operations to carefully plan construction schedules and sequences, ensuring minimal interference with ongoing airport operations. This close coordination helped maintain a smooth flow of air traffic and ground activities, enhancing overall efficiency.

Importing Materials with Landside Operations: Importing materials efficiently and in a manner that did not disrupt landside operations was a significant challenge that ViaSun successfully navigated. Through strategic planning and close collaboration with landside operations, we managed the logistics of material transportation, ensuring timely delivery of materials while minimizing disruptions to the airport's ground operations.

ViaSun also partnered significantly with the Hunt/Austin team while they were working on the Terminal 3 Modernization adjacent project. This required seamless coordination and cooperation to ensure that both projects could progress concurrently without any disruptions or conflicts. By aligning our strategies, sharing resources, and maintaining open lines of communication, we were able to optimize efficiency and mitigate potential challenges, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the airport's expansion and enhancement efforts.

In conclusion, the T3 SE Transition Apron & Taxiway D Reconstruction CMAR project stands as a testament to the power of effective partnerships. We are proud to have played our part in enhancing Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport's infrastructure, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in the future.

Stay tuned for more success stories as we aim to contribute further to the pavement preservation and construction industry, together with our valued partners.

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