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Crack Seal: Preserving Pavement Perfection

Crack Sealing is a cost-effective method used to extend the life of roadways and prevent further damage such as cracks and potholes. It’s a significant part of avoiding cracks becoming potholes by extending road lifetime by 3-5 years. The best part of crack seal is the detacking agent that allows for traffic to continue shortly after it has been applied!

Here's a summary of how it works:

Crack Seal Removing Debris

1. Debris Removal

Before applying the crack sealant, any debris or loose material is removed from the cracks. This is usually done using compressed air or a vacuum. Cleaning the cracks thoroughly ensures a better quality application and improves the longevity of the crack sealing.

Crack Seal Application

2. Application of Sealant

A worker utilizes a large wand from the crack seal applicator to apply the sealant into the existing fissures. The goal is to ensure that every inch of the crack is filled with the sealant, effectively sealing it.

Crack Seal Application

3. Smoothing the Sealant

A worker using a squeegee follows behind the crack seal applicator to ensure that the sealant is applied smoothly and adequately filled in all the necessary spots. This step ensures a uniform and effective application.

Crack Seal Application, Teamwork

4. Moving Process

The crack sealing process is a moving one, with workers walking behind the truck as it moves forward. This allows them to work quickly and in some ways the process looks like a dance as workers avoid newly applied sealant while still following the lines.

Traffic Control and It's Impact

5. Traffic Control

Traffic control crews work closely with the team to ensure all sign, cones, and no-parking zones are set up properly to ensure safety for both the crew and community.

Crack Seal Quick Dry Agent

6. Quick Drying

The crack sealant is designed to dry quickly. However, the application of a detacking agent helps speed up the drying process further. This means that you can get back on the road almost immediately after the crack sealing is completed.

Thing to keep in mind when encountering a construction site doing crack seal:

- Pay attention to traffic signs, cones, door tags, and notifications in your area. These will provide you with information about the process, the dates when the treatment will take place, and the areas affected.

- Respect No Park Zones and traffic signs in the vicinity to ensure a smooth and timely treatment of your area.

- Be vigilant of workers, signs, and cones during the process to avoid driving on the treatment or within work zones.

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