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Celebrating 100 Miles of Cool Seal Pavement

Since 2020, the Phoenix Street Transportation Department has committed to combating the urban heat island effect by partnering with GuardTop, as they have produced the innovative Cool Seal material, and ViaSun, as a trusted partner to apply Cool Seal. With soaring summer temperatures causing city streets in Phoenix to reach surface temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit, Cool Seal offers an effective solution, primarily in Phoenix.

As a trusted partner of the City of Phoenix and GuardTop, ViaSun has played a crucial role in the implementation of this groundbreaking material. Cool Seal is applied by spraying the designated "Phoenix Gray" coating onto the streets, which acts as a layer of reflectivity. This innovative approach has been proven to decrease street temperatures by an impressive 12 degrees during the hottest part of the day.

In a recent milestone achievement, ViaSun, along with GuardTop and the City of Phoenix, celebrated the installation of the 100th mile of Cool Seal pavement in Phoenix. To showcase this accomplishment and raise awareness about the program, a media event was organized. The event welcomed members of the community, city officials, and other stakeholders to learn more about this innovative initiative.

During the event, the City of Phoenix Mayor, Gallegos, shared insights into the Cool Seal program and its impact. She expressed the benefits of Cool Seal in creating cooler and more comfortable neighborhoods within Phoenix, saying, "It's like sunscreen for the streets."

Through its continued collaboration with GuardTop and the City of Phoenix, ViaSun remains committed to partnering with its clients to achieve all its civil and pavement preservation objectives, such as urban heat mitigation and creating sustainable solutions for the community. Cool Seal is one embodiment of this commitment, showcasing how innovative technologies and materials can effectively address the challenges posed by extreme heat, ultimately leading to a more livable and resilient city.

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