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Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)—What is it?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

An Employee Stock Ownership Program, also known as ESOP, is an employee benefit plan that grants employees shares of company stock. ESOPs give employees the opportunity to build retirement wealth and gain ownership in the company they work for.

Typically, ESOPs grant shares to employees over a period of time. This process is known as vesting, and the vesting period usually depends on how long the employee has worked at the company. Investing in an ESOP allows employees to share the successes and growth of their employer.

ESOP Fun Facts:

  • ESOP participants make 5-12% more in wages compared to employees at non-ESOP companies.

  • ESOP participants have about 3x more retirement assets compared to their counterparts at non-ESOP companies.

  • As of 2023, about 6,500 ESOPs exist across the country.

  • As of 2023, there are about 14 million ESOP participants. Are you ready to join in?

ViaSun is proud to be a 100% employee-owned company. Shares are granted to employees based on their tenure (the longer you stick around, the more shares you can get!).

Interested in becoming a ViaSun employee owner? We’re always looking to hire hardworking, passionate individuals! View our open positions here.

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