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The ViaSun Quality Control Laboratory

Did you know that ViaSun has our very own in-house Quality Control Lab? We sat down with our lab team to learn more about what they do and why it's so important!

Q: First off, tell us about yourself—describe your role.

Hossein: As the Research Engineer, I look for opportunities for innovation and partnership. Innovation and collaboration in construction materials research play a critical role in addressing the challenges faced by the industry. Through embracing new ideas and leveraging partnerships, we can create materials with improved durability, sustainability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. I partner and do research with Arizona State University’s (ASU) research team to explore new ideas and solutions that have the potential to be implemented in the field.

Keith: As ViaSun’s Technical Director, I’m responsible for everything that goes through the lab – from mix designs, quality control, and materials testing as well as communication with clients, partners, community, and educating those in the industry.

Hossein Noorvand, Research Engineer

Q: In basic terms, what does the lab do?

Hossein: Our lab specializes in both paving materials testing and quality control, ensuring our materials are top-notch and all products meet our high-quality standards! We also dedicate a lot to education and providing resources, as it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest pavement preservation technologies and explore new ideas to drive progress in the industry. By combining rigorous testing with a commitment to innovation, we are dedicated to providing our partners and the community with the best possible materials and paving the way for the future of construction.

Keith Ritter, Technical Director

Q: We are one of the few contractors that has an in-house lab. How does this benefit our clients?

Keith: The amount of Quality Control testing we do far exceed minimum typical requirements for municipalities and agencies. Because we have an internal lab, we learn about things much quicker and can make real time adjustments. We are one of the few contractors that can understand the materials our suppliers give us and can ask for better quality materials if they are not meeting requirements.

Hossein: We have also supported and partnered with the greater community – we do research with ASU and work with PhD students to support their research projects. Particularly, students are able to perform some of their experiments using our laboratory equipment that are not typically available at ASU labs.

Q: How are we involved in the industry?

Keith: We are really involved in our industry—ViaSun is one of two companies with the AASTO TSP2 Slurry Systems Certification, showcasing our commitment to pavement preservation philosophy, as well as the success, performance, and expertise within the industry. Our lab and many employee-owners are also heavily involved in ISSA, ensuring we stay educated and up-to-date on pavement preservation technologies.

ViaSun as a whole strives to “Pursue Excellence” in all that we do, and our Quality Control Lab is no exception. We are proud to be a trusted partner in the community, and we are confident that our lab will continue to provide excellent quality control services for years to come.

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