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Viasun Corporation recognized as a Top Place to Work, Powered by Employee Ownership and Core Values

Viasun Corporation was recently recognized as one of the 2023 Top Places to Work by AZCentral. This recognition celebrates our commitment to employee ownership and our dedication to our core values. By aligning, connecting, coaching, and performing, we are creating a workplace culture built on employee engagement, strong leadership, and strong core values, making us a shining example in the industry.

Employee Ownership: Our Recipe for Success:

At Viasun Corporation, we firmly believe in the power of employee ownership, which has been instrumental in our journey to success. As a 100% employee-owned pavement preservation and civil contractor, each member of our organization holds a stake in our collective achievements. This sense of ownership demonstrates commitment to our vision and values, driving us to perform at our best every day. By investing in the success and well-being of our employees, we encourage a culture of empowerment and accountability that sets the stage for excellence.

Commitment to Our Core Values:

At the core of our achievements lies the dedication to our values: integrity, quality, safety, partnering, and the pursuit of excellence. These values serve as the guiding principles that shape every facet of our operations. We embrace these values wholeheartedly, ensuring that they resonate in every decision we make. By upholding our values, we strive to create a work environment built on trust, professionalism, and collaboration, where every team member can thrive.

Embracing the Four Culture Themes:

The AZCentral's Top Places to Work award evaluates organizations based on their alignment with four culture themes: align, connect, coach, and perform. At Viasun Corporation, we focus on in each of these areas, making us a standout choice for this prestigious recognition.

Align: We promote alignment by ensuring that every employee understands and embraces our mission and goals. Through open communication channels and transparent decision-making processes, we promote a shared sense of purpose across our entire organization.

Connect: We organize regular team-building activities, maintain open-door policies, and build a supportive work environment, cultivating a sense of camaraderie and partnership among our employee-owners.

Coach: We recognize the importance of investing in the growth and development of our employees. Through mentorship, comprehensive training initiatives, and continual educational opportunities, we provide the necessary tools for our employee-owners to excel in their roles and advance their careers.

Perform: Our commitment to the pursuit of excellence begins by setting high standards and providing necessary resourced for success. We empower our employee-owners to reach their full potential, ensuring exceptional results for our partners.

Measuring Employee Engagement, Leadership, and Continuous Growth

AZCentral's survey for the Top Places to Work award goes beyond evaluating culture themes. It also assesses employee engagement, leadership, and fair value within organizations. At Viasun Corporation, we concentrate on each of these areas.

Employee Engagement: We value the voices of our employees, actively encouraging open dialogue and seeking their feedback. Regular feedback discussions enable us to gauge satisfaction levels and identify opportunities for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous growth and engagement.

Leadership: Our leadership team leads by example, embodying our core values and inspiring others to do the same. They prioritize mentorship, maintain open lines of communication, and provide a clear vision for our future, instilling confidence and trust among our employees.

Continuous Growth: We understand the importance of fair compensation and recognizing the contributions of each individual. Through competitive employment packages, comprehensive benefits, and recognition programs, including our employee stock ownership program (ESOP), we ensure that our employees feel valued and appreciated.


At Viasun Corporation, we take great pride in our achievement of being named one of the 2023 Top Places to Work award winner by AZCentral. We believe that the pursuit of excellence is a continual journey of growth and improvement. We understand that true excellence is not a destination but rather an ongoing commitment to push boundaries, challenge ourselves, and continually learn and evolve. By fostering a culture built on our core values of integrity, safety, partnering, quality, and the pursuit of excellence, we empower our employee-owners to reach new heights and achieve remarkable results.

Interested in joining ViaSun and being a part of one of the Top Places to Work? Check out our Careers page here:

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